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E-Plane is a CAA Approved Registered Facility offering PPL, NPPL, IMC and Night training, at Sandtoft on fixed wing aeroplanes. Due to the imposition of EASA rules, all Registered Facilities are required to re apply and become Approved Training Organisations. We intend to take advantage of this and seek approval to conduct a wider variety of courses. 

For more information, please see the list of courses in the menu below.

• Our instructors are professional, enthusiastic, friendly and approachable, providing you with the best possible learning environment.
• Our aim is to give you the knowledge and skills necessary to make the correct decisions, not just the minimum required training to pass the skills test.
• We operating a fleet of Cessna 150/152 and Cessna 172 aircraft, which are proven rugged training platforms.
• Our onsite maintenance facilities mean that unscheduled aircraft downtime is rare and minimal.
• Operation from a small quiet grass airfield avoids the problems associated with commercial traffic including costly queues for departure and landing. There are no landing fees which could easily save you £1500 on your course, but you are required to become a member of e-plane Sandtoft which costs £204pa
• We have a resident Ground and Radio Telephony examiner.
• We offer competitive rates for training and hire, including discount schemes that benefit regular flyers.
• Local accommodation is available for those pursuing full time courses.

- We do not ask Students to pay upfront, but ask you to pay as you fly.
- We have an excellent pass rate
- We can revalidate your licence, if you previously held one

When choosing a flying school, you have to make sure that the training provider is right for you. We strongly recommend that you visit your potential flying school and see firsthand for yourself. You are most welcome to visit us at Sandtoft and make up your own mind. We never ask for up front deposits. We look forward to meeting you!

Pilots wishing to fly simple single engine aeroplanes have 4 choices: Firstly, they may take a course leading to an UK National Private Pilot Licence, which has the least demanding Medical requirememts ( only a declaration). It is restricted to day flight in UK airspace including the Channel Islands, and now France, and to the lighter Annex 2 Aircraft ( old British Historic aircraft). This is likely to be favoured by those with medical conditions, and access to Aircraft, such as an Auster. Secondly, they may take a course leading to a CAA Private Pilot Licence again for use with any Annex 2 Aeroplanes aeroplanes, limited to UK airspace, but can have ratings such as Night and IR added to it. Owners of ex military aircraft might take this route. Thirdly, they may take a course leading the EASA Light Aeroplane Pilot Licence, which requires a less demanding EASA LAPL medical certificate but is restricted to day flights, anywhere in Europe, with an aeroplane upto 2000Kg and upto 3 passengers. This is the lowest cost option along with NPPL. Fourthly, they may take a course leading to a full EASA Private Pilot Licence. This is likley to be the preferred option for the vast majority of pilots This requires an EASA Class 2 Medical, but is valid worldwide, and can have additional ratings such as Night, IMC, En route IR, Mountain, Banner Towing, Aerobatic, Instructor, turbine and multi engine added.

For more information, please see the list of courses in the menu.